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Yes, that ancient method of communication is common for me. So dust of the pen and paper and feel free to write me. ;)


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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Eric Bechler. Have a look around my website and get to know me. If you want to drop me a line you can always write in the guestbook.

My Site is currently under construction.

Please note the addition of my email which will be printed out and sent to me.


This site is maintained by my family to help me tell my side of the story of my wrongful conviction.  Unfortunately, we have had trouble with the website.  Please check back as it has finally been fixed and we ill be adding to it next, statements, transcripts, etc.  Sorry about the delay.  It has been frustrating.


There was recently a TV "documentary" on ID Discovery(12/17/14) which we will review in depth.  They did point out one thing that there was no evidence a crime was committed which was admitted by the police officer interviewed.  They stated that Tina New was instrumental in getting a conviction, but they failed to include that her testimony was a barter for a plea deal for several felony charges of bank robbery, ID theft, etc.  The prosecution also failed to charge her with the theft  of Eric's identity and forgery on Eric's accounts by Tina and boyfriend.  This is all documented and will be posted. The site is intended to bring information forward that the media has ignored (as well as the legal system).


(Thank you for your patience and interest.  We are trying to take stuff off the site that does not apply.)

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