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Eric Bechler's Official Site

Shot at 42nd Street in Newport Beach

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Eric Bechler.


My family administers this site for me and I am so thankful to have their love and support.


I was wrongly convicted for a crime that never occurred. I am innocent. I will never stop fighting for my freedom.


If you have any opinions or observations you world like to share please use my guestbook. My family and I greatly value your comments and they will be printed and mailed to me.

How can an innocent man fail to get a fair trial?  Here is just one example indicating the lengths to which the OC DA will go in the pursuit of 'justice'.

Orange County's Embarrassing Jailhouse Snitch Scandal Now Turns Violent - OC Weekly - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2016 AT 3:21 P.M. BY R. SCOTT MOXLEY

NBC Dateline Episode Troubled Waters on YouTube

My case was also shown on a TV "documentary" called ID Discovery (12/17/14).

Love the Way You Lie : Gone Girl


They did point out that there was no evidence a crime was committed. This fact was admitted by the police officer interviewed in the video.

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